Looking back on my time in Durango, it made me realize how every decision we make changes our life trajectory.  I remember all of the synchronicities that led me to applying for the Yearlong Soulcraft Immersion.  The first gathering was in the Tetons at the Murie Center in October of 2009.  I was walking into an unknown setting with total strangers.  Little did I know that first night, meeting everyone in Jackson, WY, for dinner before caravaning to the Murie Center, that these people would become friends for life, sharing with them the most profound personal transformation I never could have imagined.  We still stay in touch, having periodic “telecouncils” and email updates along with one-on-one get-togethers and conversations.  I could have said no to applying for the program, and I believe I would’ve still been stuck in many of the behaviors that were leading me nowhere.  I certainly don’t think I would’ve stepped into the unknown of my current journey. Looking back, it was an urging I felt at a gut level to go forward with the program.  I’m forever grateful I listened.

This is the view I was greeted with when I pulled into Sarah, Ryan, and Idan’s farm in the Animas River Valley south of Durango.  What a treat!

Looking north towards Durango

The view from a hike nearby…

Animas River south of Durango

My camping spot on the farm!

Sarah, Ryan, and little Idan's farm. A real treat to stay there!

Lots of critters to keep us company.  Josie was learning with Sarah’s dogs that chasing chickens was fun.  Not good!  I got to try milking a goat while I was there.  It was an interesting experience!  Collecting eggs was a lot of fun, kind of like a treasure hunt.  Sarah and Ryan have a lot of plans for their farm and doing the work of sustainable living.  They walk the walk of conscious living and realizing our impacts on the environment.  I honor how they go the extra mile that many of us would not be willing to do, for example, using a sawdust toilet and producing humanure.  I had never heard of this and was surprised that the bin where the humanure was being produced had no odor and there were no flies to speak of. It looked like a bin full of straw.  I look forward to following their journey with the upcoming chickens, ducks, geese, bees, and tending the goats they already have.  What a fun childhood Idan has!

Baby goat that was part dog, part human!

Baby goat showing her human side, enjoying hanging out in lawn furniture!

Pretty rooster, Lester, and some of his flock.

My first morning I woke to Lester greeting the day.  I walked outside and heard all sorts of birds.  I had intended to drive into Durango that day and see the sights, but the place drew me in.  I didn’t go anywhere all day.  A bald eagle added to the pleasure of relaxing in my lounge chair, staring at the fluffy clouds, attempting to read my book!

The next night, it was a reunion with Sarah, Tracey, and I.

The girls (and Idan) reunited! Little Idan, Sarah, me and Tracey

It was so great to be with two soul sisters again (and of course Idan)!  Idan was conceived and born during our yearlong time together, so I think we all share a special bond with him.  He and Ryan joined us during our last gathering in the Escalante area of Utah and added a whole different joy to the experience.

Tracey gave a me a fun tour of Durango and introduced me to her friends, artists of one form or another, who were working in various shops along Main Street.  I also got to experience her studio.  Tracey is a very talented artist and silversmith and has created many wonderful pieces of art and jewelry with her hands.  She has a true gift for creating soul gifts.

Tracey in her studio, a wonderful creative space, in front of one of her brother's paintings.

Tracey and I in her studio. Note the beautiful turquoise necklace I'm wearing. Tracey created this and just gifted it to me! I'm a lucky girl!

After a beer and pizza at the local brewery, I was convinced I was going to stay on through the weekend and join Tracey and her friends in going out on the town and skiing.  However, the Universe had other plans for me.  That night I came down with the 24-hour-void-everything-from-your-system-bug that had gone through Sarah’s family.  The weather forecast had worsened and it looked like if I didn’t get to Moab before it hit, I would be in Durango for another 5 days or so.  In the morning, feeling like death, I decided I would hunker down and experience the storm where I was.  Morning went on, and two apples later I felt pretty good.  I had the nagging feeling I was to hit the road.  So, I got moving and made the voyage to Moab.  I’m sure I would’ve been fine to stay, but I’m listening to the inner voice and trusting it more and more…

Thank you Sarah, Ryan, Idan, and Tracey for a wonderful visit!.