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Riddle of the Tree of Life

Chapter Three:  Riddle of the Tree of Life Sometimes, simple poetry offers the best way to describe the indescribable.  Sitting next to the Salmon River celebrating my travel north and Life itself, this is [...]


Hi!  I’m Kathy.

I’m a passionate explorer of the nature of reality.  I’ve been called a writer, leader, guide, and healer among others! 

Seven years ago I left my successful engineering career to follow my passions & recreate my life.  I didn’t fully realize I was embarking on the Heroine’s Journey.  What an adventure & education it’s been!

Now I write about my discoveries and experiences and serve fellow journeyers who are desperate for a sense of freedom and truth. 

I help journeyers uncover their innate navigational tools as they face their internal and external villains.   I inspire through magical & mystical experiences with Soul, Nature, & New Science.  

They can then pilot their journey allowing their beautiful light to shine and their authentic life to unfold. 

Freedom at its best!

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“Butte is fortunate to have Kathy return to our community! Her unique perspective and skills add such a dimension to her very successful sessions. I went to Kathy to address my unhealthy eating habits and most appreciated her understanding, empathic and respectful manner. Our work has gone beyond my initial expectations. I value the way she has opened new paradigms for me and, as a professional counselor myself, I realize the impact of this information as I integrate it into my personal and professional life.”
Joyce O'Neill
“No different than many others, life dealt me some difficult challenges. Deciding how to accept, deal with them and move on lead me to try hypnosis. After reading many self-help books and having discussions with a very close friend who had used hypnosis~she recommended I try Kathy Lundborg. All I had to do is meet Kathy and I felt she was trustworthy, compassionate and knowledgable. My sessions with Kathy felt safe and very comfortable. Her experience, self confidence and approach were very reassuring. Hypnosis was very successful at many levels. I will continue to see Kathy and highly recommend her to others looking for answers.”
Jackie Cerise
“I was skeptical of hypnosis at first, thinking it wouldn’t work well and that it was something unusual where I wouldn’t have control over the experience. Luckily, I was wrong! Working with Kathy over four sessions of hypnosis was the only therapy that actually solved the root of my problem and controlled my myoclonic jerk. Now, I am able to live a significantly more peaceful life, unhindered by strong anxiety and shaking. I would advise others to not underestimate the power of non-conventional therapy and the influence one’s subconscious mind has on themselves. Thanks for all your help, Kathy!”
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